On the Importance of Reinvention

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On May 31st, AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire began their second season in a surprising manner. The first season told the story of Cardiff Electric, which was forced into manufacturing …


Global Crisis

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Sean Bailey finishes out the Greek economic crisis triple feature with an overview of Noah and Drew’s arguments and a look at how the referendum affected the global economy.

China’s World

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Drew Cunningham responds to Noah Donnenberg, as well as laying out some of his own predictions in the second of three articles about the Greek referendum.


After Greece

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In the first of three articles concerning the Greek referendum and its effects on world politics, guest correspondent Noah Donnenberg makes some predictions regarding Greece’s exit from the Eurozone.


The Lie of American Individualism

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An essay about how we view success as a society and how the very American philosophy of rugged individualism is a dangerous lie.


The Future of Dissent


“The future of public demonstration is here, and it uses hashtags instead of signage.” A guest post by Nathan Bindseil.


Design Changes

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Recently, I made some design changes to this site, updating the WordPress theme I use and changing some typography. Here’s the TL;DR: updated the WordPress theme I use, X, to version 3.2 …


Cheater - guest article by Noah Donnenberg

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“Central Catholic has a cheating problem.” Noah Donnenberg addresses the root of cheating in school, as well as exploring the social contracts between students and teachers.

On Flag Burning

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A few things coincided recently to incite me to write this blog post. Firstly, and most visibly, protestors have been rioting in Ferguson (see here and here for the Wikipedia summary of the shooting …